Best Lunch Date You Will Ever Have!

We love to have individuals, businesses, churches,  girl and boy scout troops, grade school classes and civic groups come to volunteer!  It doesn’t matter whether you are one person or a group of 20, come volunteer!  We would love to have you!


Top 5 Reasons We Love Our Volunteers

  1. Volunteers foster a sense of family for a lonely senior

  2. If the program had to pay delivery drivers instead of using volunteers, the program would serve 25% fewer meals. Volunteers are critical to meals-on-wheels!

  3. Many volunteers will bring their children to deliver so they are teaching their children the importance of “giving back” to the vulnerable members of their community

  4. Volunteers deliver the only meal a senior may have in a day

  5. Volunteers save lives! Volunteers have been able to call 911 for seniors who have collapsed in their homes.

For questions please contact

Meals-on-Wheels Volunteer opportunities are for packing and delivering a weekday lunchtime meal. We do not currently have evening or weekend opportunities.